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Hillbrook Legends
Can you identify some of the people in these photographs?
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Team 1

Coaching Staffs
2013- Bennett Anthony, Nick Woody, Caroline Berry, Will Watson
2012- Bennett Anthony, Marianna Conrad, Nick Woody
2011- Bennett Anthony, Marianna Conrad, Khal Khoury
2010- Bennett Anthony, Marianna Conrad, Khal Khoury
2009- David Ingraham, David Dennis, Bennett Anthony, Marianna Conrad
2008- Antoine Connors, David Ingraham, Colleen Cannon
2007- Leslie Lake, Luke Somers, Victoria Mann
2006- Leslie Lake, Antoine Connors, Victoria Mann
2005- Jay Wolfe, Leslie Lake, Antoine Connors
2004- Kimberly Thurmond, Jay Wolfe, Leslie Lake
2003- Kimberly Thurmond, Brad Poole, Meredith Davis
2002- Kimberly Thurmond, Brad Poole
2001- Kimberly Thurmond, Brad Poole
2000- Jeff Fields, Anne Hodges, Kimberly Thurmond
1999- Jeff Fields, Anne Hodges
1998- Jeff Fields, Anne Hodges
1997- Andy Marshall, Kristen Stewart, Ann Hodges
1996- Andy Marshall, Kristen Stewart, Rebecca Ponder
1995- Andy Marshall, Rebecca Ponder
1994- Gerard Gauthier, Susan Stretcher, Rebecca Ponder
1993- Sharon Dillon, Gerard Gauthier
1992- Sharon Dillon, Gerard Gauthier
1991- Sharon Dillon, Gerard Gauthier
1990- Mark Stillinger, Sharon Dillon
1989- Mark Stiilinger, Sharon Dillon
1988- Mark Stillinger, Sharon Dillon