Swim Team

HILLBROOK DOLPHINS  ~ Registration Day Saturday May 11th, 2-5 PM at the Hillbrook Pool

** If you are unable to make it to registration day please contact Kerry Buchert, (864)978-9154 or durkheimer@bellsouth.net
** swim caps, suits, and T-shirts will also be available to try on and order

TEAM COACHES FOR 2019: Davis White, Jacob Price, Bryce Glenn, Lauren Agnew, and Abby Johnson
                                                       Coach and Swim Team Coordinator- Kerry Buchert

~ Practice will begin on May 20th @ 5:15 for 8 and under, 6:00 for 9 and older

Please check the swim team news often!

Practice updates will be posted in the news section.

Hillbrook Pool, Home of the Hillbrook Dolphins

The Hillbrook Dolphins is a member team of the Spartanburg Summer Swim League.  We invite all swimmers age 5 and up to join us in the upstanding tradition of Hillbrook swimming. Competing with the Hillbrook Dolphins provides wonderful swim instruction and a great foundation for both your summer swimmers, and also for those who may choose to make the leap to year round swimming.

Swim Team Coordinator: 
Kerry Buchert (durkheimer@bellsouth.net) 978-9154