Pool Membership

Membership to Hillbrook Pool is offered in four categories: Family, Grandparents, Single/Couple, or Student.  Membership privileges include: eligibility for Hillbrook Dolphins swim team, trained lifeguard supervision at all times, and some membership packages include one free “Basic Party”.

Pool members may bring guests to the pool.  There is a $3 fee per in-county visitor per day.  Out-of-county guests may visit the pool with a member at no charge.  Members must be present while their guest(s) is (are) at the pool.  No person may be a guest more than five times during the season.

Please click the membership titles for a membership application.

Family Membership
Privileges: Immediate family have all rights & responsibilities as members of the pool. Plus one free basic party.
Dues $450 
($200 initiation fee waived)

Grandparent Membership
Privileges: Out of town visiting grandchildren swim free. Other In-county visitors are charged $3.00 per visit.
Dues $250 ($200 initiation fee waived)

Single/Couple Membership
Privileges: Individual or couple have all rights & responsibilities as members of the pool.
Dues $250 ($200 initiation fee waived)

Student Membership (Rising 7th Grade - College)
Privileges: All rights and responsibilities as other membership categories.
Dues $250 ($200 initiation fee waived)